Anecdotas de Nuestros Visitantes

Douglas Porrill. South Africa
"As luck would have it, we arrived just in time for two ice cold beers,...
Maria Luisa Natale (Agencia Quo Vadis). Caracas, Venezuela
"Es la segunda ves que me quedo en la cigala y de verdad es excelente,...
Cecilia Blohm, familia y amigos. Caracas, Venezuela
"Cigala terapia para hacer terapia familiar hemos escogido el lugar la posada la "La Cigala"...
Judith Palacio. Venezuela
"La verdad es que nunca me sentí tan bién atendida antes en niguno de mis...

Comentarios del Articulo 16 - Rum & Reggae Caribbean 2000

Fecha de publicacion:  2009-03-05 15:43:10
AutorRum & Reggae Caribbean 2000

"The bright orange building at the entrance to the town of El Gran Roque is the wonderful Posada La Cigala. What makes it one of our favorite lodgings in the Caribbean are owners Liana and Enrique Ducournau. Not only is Liana's cuisine exquisitely delicious (Italian of course), but the other amenities-- daily boat excursions to various beaches/islets with lunch, a very friendly staff, a comfortable ambiance, and Enrique's killer caipirihña (a Brazilian drink)-- make La Cigala our first choice for accommodations on Los Roques. And in 1999, Liana and Enrique made things even better when they bought the house next door and broke through the door between the two. This has fashioned an impressive public space for dinning and lounging, including an open courtyard with fountain, palm trees, and stars above.

... As mentioned, the food is fabulous and all meals are included in the price. Be sure to bring a CD of new music (Liana loves ambient groove, soulful stuff, and good dance music) to leave with the Posada (We left five!)."