Anecdotas de Nuestros Visitantes

Douglas Porrill. South Africa
"As luck would have it, we arrived just in time for two ice cold beers,...
Eliane et Jean Michel Le Petit. France
"Merci pour l'accueil, l'excellente cuisine, la parfaite organisation, et l'atmosphere tout a fait peculiere de...
Nelly & Jim Kilroy. USA
"Henrique & Liana, Our pleasure to meet you both and your guests. Thank you for...
Garfield and Hannah. London, England
"A La Famiglia Cigala... a more memorable honeymoon we could have no wished for. Superlative....
Ricardo Freire - Revista Viagem y Turismo
Em que me hospedei, La Cigala, é das mais antigas da ilha. Durante minha estada, os donos viajaram para o continente, mas o gerente tocava tudo com perfeição. Não senti
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Travel & Leisure - Thomas Kohnstamm
The 50-plus islands of Los Roques, which lie scattered across 850 square miles of the South Caribbean, are like a lost treasure of doubloons awaiting discovery. Little known beyond circles
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Complot Magazine
"Ciertas cosas no tienen remedio. Muchos minutos grabados, un paseo inolvidable compartido, mucha simpatía, una perra maravillosa y nada. No sale nada. Si bien no se trata de la angustia
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Elizabeth Kline's Guide To Camps, Posadas, & Cabins 2002
"A very attractive choice with kitchen-dining just inside the entry which opens to a very inviting large single space with covered social area whose floor continues to form an adjacent
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Rum & Reggae Caribbean 2000
"The bright orange building at the entrance to the town of El Gran Roque is the wonderful Posada La Cigala. What makes it one of our favorite lodgings in the
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