Anecdotas de Nuestros Visitantes

Eliane et Jean Michel Le Petit. France
"Merci pour l'accueil, l'excellente cuisine, la parfaite organisation, et l'atmosphere tout a fait peculiere de...
Garfield and Hannah. London, England
"A La Famiglia Cigala... a more memorable honeymoon we could have no wished for. Superlative....
Douglas Porrill. South Africa
"As luck would have it, we arrived just in time for two ice cold beers,...
Nelly & Jim Kilroy. USA
"Henrique & Liana, Our pleasure to meet you both and your guests. Thank you for...

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Fecha de publicacion:  2009-03-05 11:13:10
AutorElizabeth Kline's Guide To Camps, Posadas, & Cabins 2002

"A very attractive choice with kitchen-dining just inside the entry which opens to a very inviting large single space with covered social area whose floor continues to form an adjacent patio open to the sky. Open stairway leads to an ample rooftop terrace..."